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What is Copyright

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Whenever we are doing research or looking for information, it is important that we use what we find appropriately.


If we aren't careful, we may commit plagiarism or copyright infringement.  Both of these are against the law and can end up with either lawsuits or fines.


So what is copyright anyway and why does it exist?


What is Copyright?  






Can you think of a piece of work you have completed that is copyrighted?


What are some ways you would want your work used and what are some ways you wouldn't?


How Do I Know If I'm Breaking Copyright Laws?


  • Have you asked permission or given credit to the original creator of the work?


  • Think about the way you've used the information--is it different from the original purpose?


  • Will you be using the information in a new way?


  • Will you be adding value to the work?


  • Will you be making money off the work? 


  • If you aren't making money off the work and you have re-purposed it or added value, it may be Fair Use.


What is Fair Use?

 Watch the video below: 





Can you explain copyright in your own words?


Can you give two examples of plagiarism or copyright infringement?


Can you give two examples of Fair Use?


Take the quiz!


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